Sunday, 21 June 2015

Garlic, Garlic....GARLIC!

We definitely have garlic on the brain lately. Our 2 acres of high-quality seed & table garlic (across 16 different cultivars) is looking amazing! We finished the last of the weeding in the garlic last week, and the bulbs are sizing up nicely. Our EXTRA early Asiatic variety is just about ready (sooooo early!). We'll be pulling it out of the ground and hanging it to dry this week. 

We've re-vamped our website to include our garlic operation. Adding information about the different cultivars we carry, our growing methods, and how to buy. Check it out at

We are selling many of our cultivars through Rasa Creek Farm (Lumby, BC), one of the largest seed garlic distributors in Western Canada. Check out their website for info & pricing: We also sell several of our special/rare cultivars through our shopping cart website: Check it out for information on how to purchase, and what varieties we have available. 

We are so excited to get the garlic harvest underway. Its going to be quite the undertaking. But, we are confident we can manage. Our 2000sqft "Great Hall" in our farm centre has been converted into a drying room. We've built trellises in there to hang all the garlic on (similar to how Rasa Creek Farm hangs their garlic to dry). Fans and dehumidifiers have been purchased and are waiting to be used. Everything is ready to go! We've also got several staff waiting in the wings, who will be arriving in early July to help with the harvest & processing of all that amazing garlic.

Happy harvesting to all the garlic growers out there! 

More updates to come so stay tuned :)

Left to Right: Deep Purple Asiatic, Red Russian, Purple Italian
Spring! It's so exciting to see these little guys pop through the snow in the early season.
Our Red Russian is looking beautiful, as it always does
Our largest field of garlic, at a smidge under an acre
Mid spring garlic growth
Scapes! Scapes are the flower stalk of the garlic plant. Let these go to flower to get bulbils (little tiny cloves), or break it off to induce larger bulb production.
Our Red Russian garlic cultivar
Our coveted, EXTRA early Asiatic cultivar - Deep Purple (look at that colour!)

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