Friday, 15 May 2015

Onions, Shallots & Leeks, Oh My!

YAY! The much awaited Allium (onion family) exodus into the field is complete! It's a big project that we undertake every year, around late spring. We transplanted thousands of little baby onion, shallot and leek transplants over 1/8 of an acre (that's a butt load of onions!). Double the production we had last year. Which is good because we couldn't keep the onions on the table, people were buying them up so fast.

We did a few different varieties of onions this year; a white storage, a red storage, and a white fresh onion. As well as our coveted shallots (always a favourite at markets). Onions do really well in our climate, which is what prompted us to plant more of them this year.

It was a full days worth of work, with Mom and several volunteers helping out (thanks for your help guys n gals!!!!). But, to get it all transplanted in one day is a great accomplishment (as it normally takes us several days). Hip, hip, hooray!!!

Look for these tasty treats to be ready starting late July, early Aug. And then we'll have them right on through into January :)

Shauna preparing the baby onions for transplanting
Look at all those healthy roots!
A tray of bundled transplants ready to go into the field

Couldnt have asked for a better day! Cloudy and cool :)

One of our happy helpers, Laura, digs in and gets started transplanting

Go go gadget arms! Once you get the rhythm of transplanting onions, it goes quickly!

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