Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Big News! We've Changed our Name

We've recently incorporated our business (Yay!), and as is part of the process we had to register our name. Our first three choices all had the word "Farmacy" in them (of course), which were all denied as there is a cannabis dispensary in Burnaby with the same word in their name (go figure!). We were suddenly distraught at the thought of not being able to use our beloved name. Luckily for us, our lawyer decided to call them up and dispute it. Voila! They gave us Your Local Farmacy Inc. (three cheers for persistent lawyers!).

We're super excited about these changes. Incorporating your business offers many advantages, as well as a degree of responsibility. But we feel the extra tax benefits, and a myriad of other benefits, far outweighs our new responsibilities.

Along with our name we have also changed our logo (same same, but different!), our email address (, and our website ( The current email address will forward all emails from now on to our new email address, so we wont miss a thing! But for ease of use please update our new information in your system.

Thanks for bearing with us while we make these exciting changes. And we thank you all for your support! We're very excited about this year; many great things are in the works :)

Stay tuned, more updates to come...

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  1. I have a great tax tip for you if you are interested. I incorporated abraCADabra ltd. in 1995. Contact me if you want to hear about it.