Thursday, 3 April 2014

Building the Greenhouse - Part 1

We are so very excited about this project! We recently acquired a 30' wide by 96' long Ovaltech 3 Steel Frame Greenhouse. Complete with roll-up sides, inflatable double poly, peak roof vent, 320,000 BTU propane heater, and much much more! It was quite a deal (Thanks to Gwyllyn for his generous help!). And thanks to our friends Stan & Ann Coster for helping us load and transport the structure from Oyama.

This structure will allow us to grow premium produce throughout the year (winter too!). We are planning on moving into a 10-month harvest season next year, offering fresh produce from March right through to the end of Dec. (Exciting!).

First things first though, get the foundation in. Our structure also came with free 2.5ft cement foundation columns with anchors to hold up the "ribs" of the structure. With the help of our neighbour from up the road (the amazing Len of Foisey Ranch!) we drilled holes with his 2ft augar so that we can now sink in and arrange the cement columns.

Next comes the meticulous work of measuring, levelling & back filling the columns to get everything just right. Then once the tricky part is over, its on to assembling the "skeleton" of the structure. So stay tuned for part 2! :)

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